Taata”, a master author. When telling people about F.E. Sillanpää, we are also telling them about Finnishness. The Nobel Prize winner was popular both with the masses and with the literary elite.

Sillanpää understood nature as part of the Finnish character and, like the Finnish people, the characters in Sillanpää’s classic works knew that even in the midst of difficulties the most important thing is to stay honest to oneself.

“It finally came after all. Although it feels a little to me that it is Finland that got it,” F. E. Sillanpää (1888?1964) said after being informed. He had won the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1939. In the reasons for the Award, the writer was praised for his deep understanding of his country’s peasantry and the exquisite art with which he portrayed their way of life and their relationship with nature.

After the war years, the master writer evolved into the long-bearded “Taata”, the unofficial grandfather to the country. From recollections of his childhood Christmases emerged a well-loved tradition: Grandpa gathered the whole nation devoutly around their radios with his easy-going Christmas “talks”. Sillanpää is best remembered for his works The Maid Silja/Fallen Asleep While Young (1931) and Meek Heritage (1919).

Two sides, two artists

The collector coin dedicated to F. E. Sillanpää is made special by its design based on the visions of two different artists. An open competition for the coin design was organised, and the Collector Coin Committee considered that the Finnish national author was best represented by the views of two artists. On the obverse side of the collector coin we see the familiar figure of Grandpa with his skullcap, as interpreted by Reijo Paavilainen. The reverse side depicts Pekka Rytkönen’s fantastic view of the poetic side of rural life.

The polished collector coin is delivered in a protective capsule. The capsule is packed in a bespoke box for the F.E. Sillanpää collector coin which tells its story and verifies the coin’s authenticity as well as its Finnish origin.

The polished F. E. Sillanpää coin can also be ordered packed in an Iittala Vitriini box enabling the coin to be admired also with the lid closed. As an ornament, the box is suitable for use as a permanent part of décor. Along with the Vitriini box comes a certificate of the collector coin’s authenticity.

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10 euro 2013 F.E. Sillanpää and European writers ( PROOF ) In case

10 euro 2013 F.E. Sillanpää and European writers ( PROOF ) In case

  • 10 euro 2013 F.E. Sillanpää and European writers ( PROOF ) In case
  • 10 euro 2013 F.E. Sillanpää and European writers ( PROOF ) In case