Welcome to the e-Shop of the Coin Company Numismatic Coins Ltd Coin

Company Numismatic Coins Ltd is a part of the Company J.Nuorala Ltd.
The intention of our web-site www.jncoins.com is to serve Finnish and Foreigner numismatics collectors.
Our intention is to achieve a wide collection of Finnish Period of the Grand Principality and Republics gold coins,
coins, notes, commemoratives and also little minted Euro-value contingency money and money variation.
Our intention is to serve collectors, including also the world coins, notes and commemoratives.

On our Web-Sites collection you can find also collection items, books and other associated collection interests.
The intention of our web site is to serve you; any cases if you are a beginner or a professional collector.
You can also enquire all kind of money, that can be found in our stock but have not yet updated on our web sites.
The logging in to our web-site is not necessary, but it is advisable,
if you want some information about our offer products and if you want to take a party to our bonus system.

Also in bigger purchases you shall have extensive price reductions.

You can contact us by an email either Finnish, English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.